My Body Results Privacy Pledge

Our goal is to help people live healthier, more active lives. Our service provides instant access to health and fitness data so you can track your progress, push your goals and take control of your health. As we continue to build these tools, we are committed to the principles of respecting your privacy, keeping your data safe, and letting you decide how your information is used and shared. 

This is our Privacy pledge:

We will be transparent about our data practices and will explain them in clear language;

We will never pass on or sell your email address, name, date of birth or any other identifiable information to any third parties or marketing agencies in Australia or overseas.

We will always take the security of your data seriously.

To learn more about the data we collect, how that data is used, and the ways it can be shared both by us and by you, please read our Privacy Policy. Or, if you have any questions, contact us.


My Body Results Privacy Policy


June 19th June 2017


My Body Results online platform tracks health and body composition to empower and inspire users to lead healthier, more active lives. This privacy policy applies to our online platform

Because we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to help you achieve your fitness goals, this policy may change over time. If any modifications substantially change your rights under this policy, we will send you an email where possible, and always provide notice on the Site.

And remember, we’re here to help. If something in this policy does not make sense or if you have any questions, please contact us.


What Data Does MyBodyResults have?

When You Activate a MyBodyResults account

When activating a MyBodyResults account, you will be be given online access to portions of your body composition data collected by an InBody operator associated with the MyBodyResults Australian network. The InBody 270, InBody 570 and Inbody 770 collects numerous measurements and calculations from each individual body composition assessment.  The number and subsequent display of results and measurements available to you on the MyBodyResults platform may vary over time.

When You Create a My Body Results Account

If you want to access data collected by an InBody 270,570or 770 machine from the MyBodyResults platform, you must create a MyBodyResults account. When you create a MyBodyResults account, we ask for some personal information, including your email address first name and surname and a suburb or postcode where you reside.  If you wish to create a fictitious name and surname that is allowable however your email address must be current and valid in order to receive your account password. 

You can customise your MyBodyResults experience by adding other types of information to your account, such as adding notes to each individual scan result page. Whenever you add this type of data, we collect it and store it with your other account information.


When You Contact Us For Help

Whenever you contact MyBodyResults for help, we collect your name and email address along with any additional information you provide in your request and store it on our servers in order to provide you with customer service and to improve the MyBodyResults Service. You can also contact MyBodyResults through public forums such as Facebook; however, we cannot maintain the privacy of your communication to us if you contact us through these channels.


How We Use Your Data

MyBodyResults uses your data to provide you with the best experience possible, to help you make the most of your health, and to improve and protect MyBodyResults. Here are some examples:


Contact information is used to send you account notifications and to inform you about new features or products we think you would be interested in.

Your data is used for research to understand and improve MyBodyResults products and services.

Logs and other data are used to troubleshoot MyBodyResults services; detect and protect against error, fraud or other criminal activity; and enforce the MyBodyResults Terms of Use.

De-identified data that does not identify you may be used to inform the health community about trends; for marketing and promotional use; or for sale to interested audiences.

We use your data to troubleshoot the MyBodyResults Service, enforce the MyBodyResults Terms of Use, and/or detect and protect against error, fraud or other criminal activity.


What Data May be Shared With Third Parties?

First and foremost: We don’t sell any data that could identify you. We only share data about you when it is necessary to provide our services, when the data is de-identified and aggregated, or when you direct us to share it.

Data That Could Identify You

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is data that includes a personal identifier like your name, email or address, or data that could reasonably be linked back to you. We will only share PII data under the following circumstances:

With companies that are contractually engaged in providing us with services like order fulfilment, email management and credit card processing. These companies are obligated by contract to safeguard any PII they receive from us.

If we believe, after due consideration, that doing so is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation, or valid legal process. If we are going to release your data, we will do our best to provide you with notice in advance by email, unless we are prohibited by a court order from doing so or where the request or legal process is directly related to a regulatory investigation. In the latter case, we will ensure user information we disclosed is treated as confidential.

If it is necessary in connection with the sale, merger, bankruptcy, sale of assets or reorganisation of our company, your PII can be sold or transferred as part of that transaction as permitted by law. The promises in this Privacy Policy will apply to your data as transferred to the new entity.

Data That Does Not Identify You (unidentifiable Data)

MyBodyResults may share or sell aggregated, unidentifiable data that does not identify you with partners and the public in a variety of ways, such as by providing research or reports about health and fitness. When we provide this information, we take legal and technical measures to ensure that the data does not identify you and cannot be associated back to you.

Data that we share with your trainer/gym 

In some instances your data may be shared with a trainer or manager of your gym.   You can revoke your consent to share with the third party at any time in your MyBodyResults account settings by ticking the privacy box..


Contests and Giveaways

MyBodyResults may offer opportunities to participate in contests, giveaways and other promotions. Any data you submit in connection with these activities will be treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy, unless the rules for those offers notes otherwise.


How To Deactivate Your MyBodyResults Account

You can deactivate your My Body Results account by contacting Customer Support


How Does My Body Results Keep My Data Safe?

My Body Results uses a combination of technical and administrative security controls to maintain the security of your data. If you have a security-related concern, please contact Customer support.